About Us

ICS evolved in 1999 out of a need for members of the Indian community in and around East Brunswick to have a platform to gather and celebrate cultural events and holidays, and promote cultural awareness.

ICS founding members, Yogesh Jaluria, Manjeet Ahluwalia and Amita Kapur served as trustees and gave direction to the nascent organization. ICS member families participated enthusiastically in events to celebrate Holi and Diwali and ICS youth benefitted from the support of a strong peer group via organized events geared for teens such as the annual teen dance, bowling night and summer picnic.

Over the years ICS has established itself as a community organization committed to meeting the changing needs of its membership. ICS has expanded its role beyond showcasing Indian culture to promoting community service. The spirit of volunteerism inspires ICS members of all ages. Our young children, ranging from ages two and up, save money to donate to the ASPCA. Adults organize and host events to raise funds for social and charitable causes and along with the teens, participate in Jersey Cares Day and the Relay for Life walkathon.

ICS community engagement does not stop there. We sponsor cash awards for two graduating seniors annually as a way to support education and community service.

ICS continues to promote intercultural and intergenerational understanding, foster friendships, create new bonds, and strengthen the community.